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Thursday, May 21, 2009

How to try out for American Idol

Hey Guys! I'm Erika the new NETFilmMusic Blog Girl! Each time I feel like it I'll post my unique perspective on the world. This weeks its tips for auditioning on American Idol!

As you know American Idol is a television program that has singers competing with each other to win the coveted title of American Idol. The show was conceptualized on the lines of Pop Idol from U.K. Even now American Idol is produce by U.K. producers Ken Warwick and Simon Fuller who also produced Pop Idol. The show aims to discover the best young singing talent in the country through a nationwide search for next BIG thing! The search is usually performed in six to seven cities every season. The candidates are filtered into a few hundred from thousands. The contestants are further filtered in Hollywood round and ultimately 24 contestants go to the semifinals of which 12 are boys and 12 are girls. The contestants are further reduced to 12 in the final round. From there on a singer is eliminated from bottom three contestants each week until the last episode when only two singers remain from which the winner and the runner up are selected.

Many teens like you and me dream about getting a break in American Idol and try hard to get there. Some of you fail and some come out with flying colors. But we should realize there can be only one winner at the end the day (me) and everyone performing in the program cannot be an American Idol. Apart from the singing talent contestants also need to have the personality to win the competition (a nice smile doesn't hurt either). In addition to having a beautiful voice you need to have the rhythm and command over different tunes. Knowing the producer's cousin or how to dance along with singing is also a huge advantage over others who can only sing.

If you are planning to audition for American Idol do not forget to read and if possible memorize the information provided on Fox television's Idol website. Frequently asked questions are answered on this website. You can clear many misconceptions you have by reading the information provided. The eligibility criterion to get into the competition is that you should be a citizen or permanent resident of the country and you should be between the ages of 16 and 29.

Some of the previous winners of the American Idol advise to the aspiring contestants to really put everything you can into the song you are singing. You should feel the lyrics when you are singing a song and the expressions should show on your face. Also they advise rehearsing the songs you choose over and over again until you perfect it and sing the same song in front of the judges with full confidence and capture their attention and imagination and leave them wanting to hear more form you. Remember focus you attention on getting though the current round and each time you make it into next round you have an extra chance to show your talent and you are that much closer to the crown.

Also remember you may be asked about your role models. Try to come up with two or three names. And how would you describe them? You should fine tune your verbiage and if possible try to come up with some interesting thoughts to describe those personalities. Also be prepared to tell about yourself concisely. Part of the job is to dress well, get fashionable if possible but never go underdressed. Also be honest, respectful and truthful to the judges. It is also seen that the judges often like contestants who dedicate songs to their friends or family members. Also taking a few voice-training classes greatly increases the chances of making it into American Idol. If one follows the tips discussed above there should be no stopping you in landing on the sets of American Idol and who knows you might be the next American Idol. See you there!


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