Renewing Vibrations.

Healing Sounds of Mother Nature.

Great for Relaxation, Meditation, Sound Therapy and Sleep.

A new series of natural soundscapes for download via iTunes, Amazon and other major online music retailers. These albums are designed for relaxation, meditation, sound therapy and sleep.

The 8 initial titles include: Tropical Thunder Storm, Soothing Heavy Rain, Tropical Waves of Paradise, Peaceful Desert Winds, Mystical Whale Songs, Calming Waterfall and Meditative Campfire. People across the world are discovering the benefits of the Healing Sounds of Mother Nature series.

Benefits include:

-Better sleep for adults and children without the side effects of medication
-Stress and anxiety reduction
-Improved concentration and creativity
-Allows you to cover up unwanted background noises such traffic, neighbors, office work and children
-Useful while practicing yoga, meditation or hypnosis

The audio downloads are available from iTunes, Amazon, Emusic, Rhapsody and other major online music retailers.

Renewing Vibrations on iTunes

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