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Tuesday, October 13, 2009 releases MYKitty Cat App for iPhone and Ipod Touch.

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MYKitty Cat App
Oct 14, 2009 – NETFilmMusic has released a new application available via iTunes for iPhone and iPod Touch. The MYKitty Cat App allows users to view a super cute selection of cats, listen to them purr, meow, growl, and feel the vibrating simulation of a cat's purr. Purchasers can even add their own cats and kitties by selecting a customized picture from their iPhone. For only 99 cents, MYKitty offers great family entertainment for any animal lover, young and old. Now, even when not with their pets, iPhone users can have the next best thing and take them along with MYKitty!

Scientists continue to demonstrate the unique protective and healing powers of cats. A cat's purr is not just relaxing - investigators have shown that the sound frequencies in the range of a cat's purr can relieve pain, improve bone density and promote healing of muscles. Dr. Elizabeth Von Muggenthaler with the non-profit Fauna Communications Research Institute has hypothesized that its "...possible that evolution has provided the felines of this world with a natural healing mechanism for bones and other organs." Now with the MYKitty Cat App, perhaps these ancient healing powers will also be electronically encapsulated in the palm of your hand.

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